Please help us!!


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We need a miracle! Please take the time to read and enjoy the music on the bottom.

   My family and I are in desperate need right now. We are a family of 4 and in need of help. I recently have been laid off my job after (ten) years. I applied for unemployment but could not get benefits do to being on a 1099. I am in the process of looking for work and have a few good leads. The problem is that bills are due and due now. We are on the verge of being homeless real quick and I am stressing out really bad right now. My family counts on me and I have let them down. I cannot stand to see them suffer like this. I am asking for any kind of help. If all you have is a dollar to spare that would help in our situation. I hope that humanity still exist because I am running out of ideas. If we loose our home I will be in this even farther. I have a electric bill of $120 and  Rent of $600 coming up. Please help us! If any reason you can help us please email me. We would love to contact you and thank you personally. To give money you can send through paypal with the (please give button) on the right or use paypal and my gmail address ([email protected]) Thank you in advance!
We Fall Down
Chris Tomlin (How Great Is Our God: The Essential Collection)

I want to give thanks to the ones who have helped us already. Randall and Sheryl have just made our day a little brighter. Thank you. I will be posting more updates about the ones that have helped. I will never post your full name unless its alright with you. Our family thanks you and so do i from the bottom of our hearts.